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Overhead Crane Modernisations

Is your overhead crane still within its original intended Design Working Period?

At Street Cranexpress, we can help guide you through your obligations regarding BS ISO 12482:2014 – Monitoring for crane design working period.

The BS ISO 12482:2014 standard stipulates that any crane near, or over its design working period (typically 20 years), should have an in-depth assessment carried out on it to evaluate its condition and workload.

Using the information gathered from one of our assessments, we can compile a report detailing your overhead cranes current safe, and operational suitability. Our report findings may find that your crane is safe to continue using in its current condition, point to parts that need replacement, or advise the need for a more in-depth overhaul of your crane.

Following discussions surrounding the extent of a refurbishment required, it may be more cost effective to replace the crane with a new modern piece of equipment.

You can trust Street Cranexpress to provide you with accurate and cost-effective recommendations to meet your plants’ requirements, whilst keeping ahead of your legislative obligations.

Over and above the age of your crane, there may be other signs it could be time to modernise:


  • Business application or requirements have changed
  • Production demands are increasing faster than your crane can cope
  • You are spending an increasing amount of time and money maintaining your crane


If any of these apply to your business, a discussion with Street Cranexpress can help you ensure your crane keeps up with the demands of your business.




Should a replacement crane not be necessary, our knowledge and experience in crane upgrades mean that we are able to:


  • Install new hoists, travel drives, end carriages, light crane systems, gantries, and power feeds
  • Convert pendants - or even old cab-controlled cranes to radio control
  • Upgrade crane power and control systems to improve precision, flexibility, and efficiency
  • Automate existing equipment to enable precise positioning characteristics and reduce human input
  • Re-align and level tracks, spans, and gantries
  • Alter spans or SWLs, and reinforce gantries to accommodate, often as part of a crane relocation.


Each solution we supply is unique to the customer. We work closely with our customers to fully understand the business’ requirements and ensure your equipment makes your operations safer, more efficient, and more productive.

If you would like some more information on your obligations regarding the safe operational management of aging cranes, please get in touch.


Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and receive the support you need from a dedicated Street Cranexpress account manager.

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