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Radio Controls

As part of Street Cranexpress' refurbishment and conversion services, we also provide radio control conversion at an affordable price. Remote control units improve safety for the user by enabling them to operate the crane in a position of better visibility and therefore reduced operational risk.

Street Sabre Crane and Hoist Controller

Robust communication

Automatic frequency hopping technology is used to offer extremely secure signalling with minimal RF interference. This adds an additional level of security and safety to the system and also allows up to 50 controllers to operate simultaneously within a single factory.

In-built safety

  • The Street Sabre from Street Crane Co provides robust performance and safety compliance, protecting operator, equipment & load.

  • Wireless emergency stop certified SIL 2 PL d

  • IP65 ingress protection

  • Aligned with latest crane control safety standards

  • Optional command monitoring for protection against unintended operation*


Ergonomic design with intuitive controls

The Street Sabre features a unique and innovative control handset that provides the operator with comfortable, single-handed operation. Unlike conventional push button systems, this design allows the operator to naturally select the correct command for the required crane operation, without taking their eyes off the load and thus increasing lifting safety significantly. Push button pressures are also designed to help reduce operator fatigue through continuous and repetitive use.

Wireless remote control

Discover the Street Sabre range of hoisting control solutions

  • Sabre 1 - 8 pushbuttons (2 auxillary) LED indicators / 12 output relays

  • Sabre 2 - 8 pushbuttons (2 auxillary) display / 18 output relays, 18 digital inputs

  • Sabre 3 - 12 pushbuttons (6 auxillary) display / 18 output relays, 18 digital inputs


Thanks to innovative battery technology, charging time is only 15 minutes for a full charge, and a mere 5 minutes of charging time is sufficient for 4 hours of continuous operation. This highly efficient system negates the need for any back up. The average estimated life expectancy of a Street Sabre battery is about 5 years, which is at least twice that of a traditional battery.

Globally compatible

Street Sabre uses 2.4GHz frequency, allowing the operator to deploy the same system solution worldwide and enabling group standardisation for operator familiarity and spare parts commonality. Automatic “frequency hopping” technology also eliminates interference between multiple remote control stations, allowing up to 50 systems to run simultaneously.


  • Simple plug-in system for ease of installation on new crane and upgrade work on existing cranes

  • Optional display with configurable diagnostics and up to 6 configurable alarms*

  • Optional alarm warnings with notifications via handset vibrate function*


Other Options

In addition to the out-of-the-box, ‘plug and play’ systems, customised radio controls are available.

Other options include:

  • Tandem crane/hoist control
  • Master/slave crane operation
  • Joystick or pushbutton options
  • Process automation assigned to bespoke buttons
  • Modifications to existing radios
  • Electromagnets and vacuum frame control
  • Contactless Safety Keys
  • LCD Screens
  • Potentiometer Controls
  • Trigger Selectors
  • Toggle Switches
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