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Report of Thorough Examination (ROTE)

Current health and safety legislation requires all lifting equipment to undergo regular inspection by a competent person to ensure it is safe, properly maintained and fit for purpose. The Report of Thorough Examination, which is a statutory requirement, is the legally recognised guarantee that your equipment is structurally sound, does not pose any potential risk to operators or other persons, and is safe for use. Failure to comply can result in serious consequences for both the organisation in question and its responsible person(s).

Our engineers are recognised as competent persons under LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) and can undertake a thorough inspection and report of thorough examination of all types of lifting equipment at a time you choose to minimise disruption to your production schedule.

LOLER requires all lifting equipment to undergo an annual inspection, with accessories requiring inspection at intervals of no more than 6 months and all lifting equipment operating in conditions likely to cause deterioration requiring examination appropriate to their usage. This is to allow defects to be detected and repaired before the equipment becomes dangerous.

Frequency of inspection will depend upon:

  • The type of load lifted (hot, corrosive etc.)
  • The weight of the load (loading up to limit of the equipment leads to increased stress/wear)
  • Frequency of loading
  • Shock loading
  • Repetition (can cause localised wear)
  • Operating environment (wet, hot, corrosive etc.)
  • Street Cranexpress can develop an examination scheme to ensure that your equipment complies with current regulations.

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