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Turning to Teaching | Brian & Bob Training Engineers

17 May 2022

It was announced in January of this year that Bob Carter would be joining Brian Parker and returning from retirement to train the apprentices in the SCE Academy.

Brian was with Street Cranexpress for 19 years before his retirement in 2015. Originally, Brian was an electrical engineer carrying out maintenance, breakdowns, and repairs. He then progressed internally and became our Projects manager. Returning in 2019 as Training Mentor, it was this success with Brian that encouraged the decision to ask for Bob to return.

Bob retired in 2020 with 44 years of industry experience. Including 36 years with Street Cranexpress including working as a service engineer, before moving into the office in 2001 as Technical Estimator. Like Brian, Bob travelled up and down the country as a service engineer before we had the network of engineers we have now.

Between them, Brian and Bob have a combined 55 years’ experience working at Street Cranexpress, making them ideal to lead the internal training courses we that we conduct.

Using their decades of industry knowledge to train the next generation of engineers, both practical and theoretical, alongside the intricate knowledge of how Street Cranexpress work and what is expected of our team.

The decision to bring Brian and Bob back has been a resounding success, as Service Manager, Josh Clegg explains,

“Having Brian and Bob back part time to help aid the development of our apprentices has been a great success.

“We work in such a niche market and the main pitfall of that is that there isn’t really a specific college course which focuses solely on overhead cranes and hoists. The apprentices can get the fundamentals from college, but in this game, you ideally need to be multi bias as well as familiar with all lifting regulations.

“Brian and Bob bring a wealth of experience and knowledge with them which enables them, with the facilities we have here in Sheffield, to conduct various training courses focusing on specific components of the equipment.”

Finding talented engineers is an ongoing challenge across our industry, but by using the expertise of our team to develop the next generation, Street Cranexpress continue to encourage internal organic growth and build a growing team engrained in the ethos of the SCE Group.

Josh continues,

“It can be difficult to attract competent engineers admittedly. This is why we invest a lot of time and money into the apprenticeship scheme, so we get the benefit of organic growth for the long term. Brian and Bob are a huge part of this process and without the likes of them and the other mentors out in the field it simply wouldn’t work.”


(Pictured left to right: Brian Parker, Josh Clegg, Bob Carter)



We are currently accepting applications to join the SCE Academy, learn more here:
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