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ZX Wire Rope Hoists - IN STOCK!

The original ZX wire rope hoist established Street Crane as a world leader in hoisting technology, and now the new generation of ZX hoist, having evolved from the original principles and incorporating intelligence design, impressive performance and exceptional safety levels, sets the benchmarks in the crane industry. The result is an easy to operate, highly versatile, high-endurance hoist incorporating state-of-the-art technology. There is now a ZX hoist suitable for almost any situation, whether the space needs a low headroom hoist, a double girder hoist, or single girder hoist.

With a supply of the new Street Crane ZX wire rope hoists in stock, Street CraneXpress are able to offer exceptionally short lead times on the most advanced hoist technology on the market:

  • Capacities up to 50 tonnes
  • Huge combination of lifting speeds and heights for maximum flexibility
  • Unique low-profile design
  • Gearbox mounted hoist brake for superior safety
  • Automatic breaking in the event of a power failure
  • Oil immersed gears for safety and reliability
  • Lightweight trolley reaction roller design, increasing wheel life
  • Heavy-duty fan-cooled trolley motor
  • Overload and over-hoisting protection as standard
  • Heavy duty rope guide
  • Temperature protection up to +50° available
  • High strength galvanised wire ropes
  • Easy access to key components for improved servicing
  • Direct drive trolley for high durability


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Fast-track Hoists

The following hoists are available on a 2-4 week leadtime. Download the Datasheets for more information.

Specification Datasheets
Hoist Model
SWL (Te) Duty BS Lift (m) Hoist Speed
Power (kW) Rope dia. (mm) Reeve Single Girder Hoist Low Headroom Double Girder Hoist Parallel Trolley
Datasheet Gauge (mm) Datasheet
ZX064-3SoNM7I031 3.2 M7 6.5 4.1/1.4 3.7/1.2 8 4 : 1 DZX-1002  
ZX064-3SoLM7I031 3.2 M7 10 4.1/1.4 3.7/1.2 8 4 : 1
ZX064-3SoNM4K031 5 M4 6.5 3.9/1.3 3.7/1.2 8 4 : 1 900 DZX-1019
ZX064-3SoLM4K031 5 M4 10 3.9/1.3 3.7/1.2 8 4 : 1  
ZX084-3SoNM5O063 10 M5 8 4.3/1.1 9.1/2.3 13 4 : 1 DZX-1102 1400 DZX-1122
ZX084-3SoNM3P063 12.5 M3 8 4.2/1.1 9.1/2.3 13 4 : 1 1400


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