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XpressView is an automated reporting system that will improve your crane service experience, making access to your Service Reports faster, easier and more efficient - at no extra cost to you. It’s all part of the premium crane service experience provided by Street CraneXpress Ltd.

With XpressView, your cranes and other items of lifting equipment are each linked to our automated system, enabling our engineers to access your cranes’ schedules and upload accurate data instantly, so as soon as your equipment has been inspected, you can simply log on to view the results.

…And at any time, you can log on to view a historical record of all your reports.

  • Reducing paperwork and filing
  • Saving you time


XpressView: How does it work?

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Servicing a crane

The XpressView system holds all of the history and details specific to each of your cranes or items of lifting equipment. This information can be optimised remotely by our service teams at any time: for example if the work duty study of your crane should alter to meet your changing operations.

When our engineers come to inpsect your equipment, the XpressView system allows them to quickly and easily access each crane's data and inspection schedule. They can then focus on providing expert service and inspection for your equipment.

As the engineer enters their results into the XpressView system, it automatically loads the information back onto our server to create a complete, legal, accurate and instantaneous record of the equipment's inspection.


You can then instantly access your report(s) using your own secure login on the XpressView area of our website.

All other historical reports for each of your items of lifting equipment will also be logged on your own secure area of the XpressView system meaning they are easily accessible to you anytime, anywhere*.

*internet connection required



Simple. Fast. Accurate. Secure.