Taking Safety on Site Seriously by Redefining Rescue Plans

27th January 2014

Street CraneXpress has taken a proactive approach to improving health and safety on its customers’ sites.

Rescue kits for crane service
Crane service height safety

Safety on site is of paramount importance to Street CraneXpress, whether that’s protecting our engineers or our customers. But the company’s H&S people are always looking at methods of continual improvement, and have now found a solution to what has long been a concern for many in the industry.

Working at height, to service and maintain overhead cranes, can be made infinitely safer by the use of personal fall protection equipment. But whilst a harness and lanyard can protect an engineer from falling to the ground and/or impacting with dangerous obstructions, questions have long arisen as to the best method of rescuing a fallen worker hanging from a suspended position below their work area.

Relying on the Fire Brigade is not only unprofessional, it can be dangerous. The person should be rescued ASAP to avoid any lasting damage that could be caused from restricted blood flow or trapped nerves from hanging in a harness for too long.

To combat this, and remove the pressure of rescue plan responsibility from its customers, all Street CraneXpress service engineers have now been equipped with the revolutionary Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD).

Worn in the same way as a standard harness, the PRD also features a lightweight, unobtrusive but robust backpack which contains a parachute style ‘rip cord’ that releases a descender system; a brake mechanism and spool with a 20m (65ft) cord which gently lowers the faller to the ground in a controlled descent.

This means that if an engineer falls and is arrested by their lanyard, they now have a means of escape from the suspended position: a process that only takes a few seconds, removing the responsibility of forming a rescue plan from the customer company.

And to cover more unlikely but precarious eventualities, an unconscious faller can be rescued from ground level using the extendable Latchways Rescue Pole which activates a built-in secondary descent release mechanism.

This rescue pole will be made available to the client company’s responsible person before our engineer commences work on their site and will act as their security and rescue plan.

These personal rescue devices reduce risk and liability and make Street CraneXpress the safer solution for your crane maintenance.