Jib Cranes

Jib crane installation

Jib cranes provide a safe means of handling heavy loads in a small area, reducing the risk of injury during the lifting process and increasing the efficiency of assembly line work.

Street CraneXpress provides a wide range of Jib Cranes with capacity ratings from 50kg up to 10 tonnes or more*, and can incorporate a variety of features to meet your needs:

  • Free-standing, pillar or post mounted slewing jib cranes
  • Wall, column or long travel gantry mounted fixed jib cranes
  • Suitable for manual and electric chain or wire rope hoists or even pneumatic manipulators
  • Manual or electric travel and/or slewing gear
  • Wide range of duty ratings
  • Over- or under-braced jib cranes to maximise height of lift or travel
  • Knuckle jibs for navigating obstructions
  • Maximum slew up to 360º
  • Optional slewing stops to reduce slew
  • Outdoor and marine jib crane solutions
  • Lightweight Davit solutions for mobile requirements
  • Arm radius can be bespoke to suit your needs
  • Specialist lifting attachments
  • *Larger bespoke-designed jibs available on request

Our expert sales engineers can analyse your daily operations and handling requirements in order to provide the optimum solution for your needs, recommending only the equipment that will make you safer and more efficient. The installation will then work around your operations, meaning minimal downtime and a smooth transition, which can be consummated with equipment training for your operatives, if required.

To ensure that your jib cranes continue to operate to their full potential, Street CraneXpress also provide a planned preventative maintenance service tailored specifically to your equipment and its usage.

Jib cranes

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