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Alongside our comprehensive service and maintenance packages, Street CraneXpress offers an unrivalled range of overhead lifting equipment and installation services.

From the provision of new equipment including jib cranesmonorails and spare parts, to the refurbishment, conversion, modernisation and even relocation of existing lifting gear, our objective is to improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Our sales engineers can perform an onsite analysis of your current provisions compared to your changing needs, and will only recommend the changes that will make significant improvements to your operational productivity.

Because our aim is to improve your production processes, or engineers will ensure a quick turnaround of all installations to keep disruption and downtime to a minimum.


As the official after-sales service specialist for Street Crane Company, we primarily utilise Street Crane’s hoists, light crane systems and remote controls on our clients’ installations, offering unbeatable discounts on the Street Crane product range. As the UK’s largest overhead crane and hoist manufacturer with more than 60 years experience in crane design, their equipment has a deserved reputation for quality, reliability and advanced technology.

The versatile, modular design of Street Crane’s products means that they can be easily integrated into your facilities, whatever the make and model of your existing equipment. We do appreciate though, that many of our customers have their own preferences, and so we will provide other makes and models where appropriate.

Ultimately, our aim is to maximise the performance of your lifting and handling equipment, reducing downtime, improving plant safety and increasing productivity.

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